Friday, August 28, 2009

Martha Stewart Etsy Wedding Contest - Lucky Sixpence Books

Oh, I am so excited about these new little additions to my Lucky Penny Book Collections!
Designed and created with a nod to the past, retaining traditional customs and traditions while also incorporating modern ideas and designs loved by today's modern brides, these little books are just the thing to personalize your bride's special day.

Lucky Sixpence are traditional gifts given to new babies, brides, and birthdays in the UK.
These wee Lucky Sixpence Books were designed to hold a lucky sixpence while also providing a way to individualize and personalize your bride's wedding day.

There are two from which to choose:
The first of the wee books is a totally customized book made just for your bride.
You can have anything written in its pages and it will be personalized with the date of the wedding and the names of the bride and groom.
It will be designed with fabric and trims used in the creation of the wedding gown, and could also contain bits and pieces of the wedding invitation.
The price for this exclusive book is $25.00.

The second in the new line of books is designed using fabrics and trims from my own collection, and is meant as an alternative for the bride who has not had her gown specially made, so she naturally will not have fabric of her own.
The book will be personalized inside with the name of the bride and groom and their wedding date.
The price for this personalized book is $15.00.

The following photographs show three books, made exclusively for brides using their own wedding gown and trim fabric. Because each book was made just for each bride, they are all different as yours will be, too.

If you would like to order one of these books, please contact me.

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Robyn said...

YOur books are absolutely lovely and I bet they are treasured when they are received!